Britain’s most violent prisoner

Britain’s most violent prisoner today told his parole hearing he is now a ‘born again artist’ in his bid for release for the sake of his 95-year-old mother.

Bronson, 70, was imprisoned for seven years in 1974 after being convicted of armed robbery and was finally given a life sentence for kidnapping prison teacher Phil Danielson in 1999. 

He is the second inmate in UK legal history to have his parole hearing held in public .

He described himself as a ‘retired prison activist’ and takasifun told the parole panel about his meditation technique during the hearing, which is taking place at HMP Woodhill but being watched by press and public on a live stream at the Royal Courts of Justice in .

He is still in jail however after a prison career peppered with rooftop protests, multiple hostage takings and violence against other inmates and prison officers.

Charles Bronson in a court sketch during his parole board hearing today 

Today Bronson, who changed his surname to Charles Salvador in 2014, saying he had done so ‘because Salvador means man of peace’ asked to be freed, saying: ‘My mother is 95.You’ve got the power to let me out and that is my mum’s last dream on this planet.’

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